Alliance/Ft. Worth Workshop
November 12th, 2016

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Board Meeting

November 12, 2016

Texas Association for Family Child Care (TAFCC) is a concerned group of people dedicated to making a positive difference in the child care community.

Our organization is not-for-profit and consists of a diverse group striving to ensure that quality child care services are available to Texas families.


TAFCC is a young organization that originated in Granbury, Texas, on February 22, 1997. A group of sixty home child care providers across Texas met at Camp El Tesoro for a weekend leadership retreat. The annual event, known as “Jeans Jamboree” was sponsored by the First Texas Council of Camp Fire in Fort Worth. Camp Fire provided an opportunity for a leadership forum. These experienced providers networked ideas and information, that led to the formation of a new state association, now known as the Texas Association for Family Child Care (TAFCC).

One hundred twenty-five attendees participated in the first mini-workshop presented on July 26, 1997 in Fort Worth, Texas. TAFCC has maintained momentum by presenting conferences across Texas, including the cities of Bedford, Lubbock, San Antonio, and Austin.


TAFCC is a group of concerned and dedicated people, whose main focus is to ensure that child care specialists across Texas share a voice in the decisions that affect them, their businesses, and children in child care facilities across Texas.


  • To promote and encourage professionalism.
  • To safeguard diversity within the child care profession.
  • To provide training opportunities throughout Texas.
  • To promote quality child care so each child may reach their full potential.
  • To educate our members and public through public awareness
  • To assist local associations.
  • To promote National Accreditation.
  • To represent and strengthen the child care profession in a positive, professional manner.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor.

A message from Licensing:

November 30, 2015

To: Licensed or Registered Child Care Home Provider
From: Department of Family and Protective Services Child Care Licensing Division
Subject: Changes to fingerprint checks

Dear Licensed or Registered Child-Care Home Provider

This POST CARD is to tell you about changes to background checks that will begin next September.
The Texas Legislature passed a law which will require you to have an FBI fingerprint check for you, anyone living in your home who is 14 years old or older, and anyone who cares for or is alone with the children.

Right now the cost for fingerprint check is $41.25 per person.
That fee is paid to the company that takes the fingerprints not DFPS.
Over the next year we will send you more information about the changes.
If you have any questions please call your local Child Care Licensing office.

Child Care Licensing